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Things you need to know before buying a Tube filling machine

A tube-filling machine, more often than not, does not get the importance given to upstream process line machineries. The user considers it a mere packaging machine instead of an integrated process line machine. While preparing a project report, requirement of tube filler is added-on as an afterthought. A ladle is as important as the soup. Many a heartburn can be avoided if selection of tube filling machinery is given due importance.


  1. Appoint / hire an experienced operator and a maintenance engineer. Quality of these two will ensure optimum utilization of installed tube filling machine. Will anyone trust his 2006 model six-door sedan to a hackney coach driver?
  2. Does the filler material require any special considerations before and after filling? Convey its bulk density, viscosity and other peculiarities to the tube filler manufacturer. Collect sealed sample tubes from the non-metallic tube supplier along with certificate stating the temperature and minimum time required for tube sealing. Make sure the tube has been subjected to proper tests for seal strength. This information will help the manufacturer in calculating expected capacity of the tube filler more accurately. Any variation in the tube quality, its size and filler characteristics affect output.
  3. What is the standard of ‘after-sales-service’ of the manufacturer? Check this up from actual users. People get pickier while buying their six-door sedan than their machinery (tube-filler in present context). It should be understood, the former eats-up our money while the latter earns.
  4. Now where to buy from? There was a time, say about 30 years back, when anybody wishing to buy the latest model of packaging machines had to look westward. East was only for supplying raw material. Those days are gone and the East has developed tremendously. Consider this – engines for most advanced aircrafts are made in Asia, Ford tests it latest designs at Suzuki, Microsoft/IBM and the rest depend on their very sustenance on Asia. Cheaper labour cost, higher intelligence combined with its famous industriousness, Asia (more particularly India) has really shaken the western world out of its complacency.
Author: Manan Ghosh, GM-Sales, Subnil India.
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