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Contract packaging
Manufacturing plants
Metal tubes
Laminate tubes
Plastic tubes
Our contract packaging division has a capacity to produce about 600,000 tubes per day in case of metal tubes and we can fill, seal and pack 60,000 plastic/laminate tubes per day.

Our strength vis-à-vis other packagers would be the fact that we ourselves are leaders in offering tube packaging lines in this part of the world. Being specialists in tube lines, we have come across various blends of plastic tubes and diverse filling products. We have supplied machines with varied fill patterns from core-n-sheath to deep striping in 2-colour, 8-section. And we have supplied machines with profiled seals for an assortment of shapes.

Creams, gels, ointments and pastes are what every a regular contract packager can fill. But in our experience while supplying tube fillers, we have played with various kinds of products from wall fillers to jams to toothpastes to chocolate. This experience is carried on to our ‘contract packaging’ division. So, whatever your product, we can fill it.

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