SUBNIL is one of the leading manufacturers and solution providers in the packaging industry. Founded in 1982, today SUBNIL has grown into a highly trusted name in the industry. SUBNIL addresses to the ever-growing needs of the packaging industry and provides the best-in-class machineries and solutions with its proven best practices and technology leadership. SUBNIL designs packaging machinery for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal, healthcare, food and chemical industry and specialises in the Tube Packaging segment. Presently, the range comprises of tube fillers, cartoners and collating & wrapping machineries.

With its domain expertise, SUBNIL has brought about a virtual metamorphosis in the manufacture of tube filling, cartoning and end-of-the-line collating & wrapping machinery. Introduction of simplified designs combined with other user-friendly systems have resulted in minimum changeover time while augmenting various crucial functionalities. In other words, more output with minimum downtime. This ability to adapt latest technology at highly affordable costs has been acknowledged by customers in all five continents.

With a strong brand recognition, industry best practices, domain expertise, technical superiority and a powerful management backbone, SUBNIL is positioned to be one of the global market leaders in the tube packaging segment.


J. Subramaniam, a technocrat in a multi-national giant, had a vision. Restricted with challenges faced as an employee, he decided to turn an entrepreneur. After overcoming numerous hurdles, he started SUBNIL in 1982 with a couple of partners and a handful of workers. With his strong technical knowledge, vision, and entrepreneurial qualities, SUBNIL soon grew into a promising name in the industry. After a decade and a half, the baton was passed on to the second generation, which brought about radical changes in the all-round philosophy of the company and established the company's identity on the global map.

The result, an industry-acclaimed company, with customers across the globe!

Values and Vision

At SUBNIL, our values are the core foundation of our vision and success. It is these values and philosophies that make us more confident and focused. And we inspire the same philosophies in our employees. The biggest objective for us has always been customer satisfaction and trust. For us, customer satisfaction is not just meeting their needs but also providing them with better solutions and benefits. It is these high values that we hold, for our customers and our employees, which keeps us motivated.

Quality and innovation are the driving forces behind our products, processes and the overall company. Our aim is to keep ourselves constantly updated with the latest technological developments and dedicate ourselves towards a great future.

At, SUBNIL, we are always evolving for the better and aim at becoming the best one-stop-solution company in the tube packaging segment.


Employees are the priced possessions of an organisation. We invite interested aspirants, to be a part of the SUBNIL Family. We have an atmosphere, where latent as well as obvious talent is encouraged. SUBNIL believes in the revised axiom 'Everybody is indispensable'. SUBNIL provides exciting work environment, where employees get a chance to improve their expertise and grow with the company.