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Subnil has been at the forefront in creating tube packaging machines since 28 years now. As a diversification, with the experience gained in dabbling with tubes, we have started our own contract packaging division ‘Volenzye packaging’ catering to anything and everything in tubes.

This means if your product is a tube, we would help you with a total solution - Identifying and recommending the right tube (be it metal, laminate or plastic), supplying the tubes, manufacturing your product, filling your product, cartoning the tubes and further packaging by bundling and/or casepacking. The designing of the print on the tubes & cartons are also a part of our services.

The above is an indication of the total set-up available at Volenzye. Depending on your needs, you can choose to order the complete solution or a part of it.

Mail us your requirement at and we will be more than delighted to quote you.
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