Subnil has been at the forefront in creating tube packaging machines since 28 years now. As a diversification, with the experience gained in dabbling with tubes, we have started our own contract packaging division ‘Volenzye packaging’ catering to anything and everything in tubes.

This means if your product is a tube, we would help you with a total solution - Identifying and recommending the right tube (be it metal, laminate or plastic), supplying the tubes, manufacturing your product, filling your product, cartoning the tubes and further packaging by bundling and/or casepacking. The designing of the print on the tubes & cartons are also a part of our services.

The above is an indication of the total set-up available at Volenzye. Depending on your needs, you can choose to order the complete solution or a part of it.

Mail us your requirement at sales@avishmachines.com and we will be more than delighted to quote you.

Contract Packaging

Our contract packaging division has a capacity to produce about 300,000 tubes per day in case of metal tubes and we can fill, seal and pack 60,000 plastic/laminate tubes per day.

Our strength vis-à-vis other packagers would be the fact that we ourselves are leaders in offering tube packaging lines in this part of the world. Being specialists in tube lines, we have come across various blends of plastic tubes and diverse filling products. We have supplied machines with varied fill patterns from core-n-sheath to deep striping in 2-colour, 8-section. And we have supplied machines with profiled seals for an assortment of shapes.

Creams, gels, ointments and pastes are what every regular contract packager can fill. But in our experience, while supplying tube fillers, we have played with various kinds of products from wall fillers to jams to toothpastes to chocolate. This experience is carried on to our ‘contract packaging’ division. So, whatever your product, we can fill it.

Mail us your contract packaging requirement at sales@avishmachines.com

Manufacturing Plants

For all your needs of manufacturing plants of filling product and the related equipment, kindly mail us on sales@avishmachines.com

Metal Tubes

Metal tubes are mostly made in aluminium and are formed by an extrusion process. They are collapsible in nature and do not regain its form, once the squeeze is released. This ensures that no air is sucked back into the tube and the product at the tip remains there. This is one of the reasons why products which need a measured dosage are still filled in metal tubes as also products which can get affected by the air coming in contact with it.

Aluminium has good barrier properties to keep product fresh and uncontaminated. In some cases, the tube is lined from inside to increase barrier against highly acidic or alkaline products. These tubes are mainly used for pharmaceuticals, hair colorants and oil paints.

For your requirement of metal tubes, mail us at sales@avishmachines.com

Laminate Tubes

Most toothpaste around the world comes in laminate tubes. These combine the advantages of metal and plastic tubes.

ABL laminate is made of different layers of polyethylene and a barrier layer of Aluminium foil.

Whereas PBL laminates are made of a plastic barrier viz. EVOH. In this, you can get transparent tubes as well, although barrier properties will not be same as ABL. They are now widely used in cosmetics for its cost-effectiveness over plastic tubes.

For your requirement of laminate tubes, mail us at sales@avishmachines.com

Plastic Tubes

The best-looking of the three, it has a good shelf life. But the most important advantages of the plastic tube are the fact that they are light-weight and leak-proof. They are mainly used to fill high-end products like cosmetics and products which require a high degree of aesthetic appeal in its packaging.

For your requirement of plastic tubes, mail us at sales@avishmachines.com