Sleek & Silent

The smallest tube-filler in our range – LIMBUS 35

Small but still packs a punch.
35 tpm translates to about 12,000 tubes in a shift.
Ideal for people who believe in total automation and safety even while driving at low speeds.

The LIMBUS 35 is the smallest tube filler in Subnil’s range with a capacity to produce about 12,000+ tubes per shift.

Tubes have to be first manually transferred from the tube box, into the cassette on the machine. They are then loaded one by one into the holders on the turret. First the tubes are centered & oriented and then filled. They are then closed depending on the type of tube.

In case of metal tubes, the tubes are flattened and crimped twice (or even thrice). In case of laminate / plastic tubes, they are first heated on the inside periphery and then sealed. Batch details are then coded on the crimp (or seal) with metal stereos and the tubes are ejected out either into a collection container or to a tube-transfer system to link to the downstream MERLIN 120XC cartoner from Vectacraft.

Tech Specs

Up to 35 tubes/min.
12 - 50 mm
Tube Size Range
3 to 200 cc
Fill Volumes
Fill Accuracy


Easy Changeover

Bottom-up filling with shut-off nozzle. Blow-off for string-like characteristic

Vertical dosing for ease in suction

Standard features include product level sensor, detection of reverse tubes, jammed tubes and un-oriented tubes

Heating from hopper to nozzle, for balm-like products

Adjustment with bare minimum tools

Vision systems for checks like right packaging for SKU, illegible printing by ink-jet, bad seal, etc.

All-around guarding, with minimum access to moving parts

Additional Features

— Saddle Fold
— Multi-colour filling
— Profiled Sealing / Euro-slot
— Nitrogen flushing